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Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

For as many rules as the NCAA comes up with throughout the year, restricting this and that, and prohibiting us coaches from recruiting at this time or calling at that time, they finally hit the nail on the head with this one. Summer workouts. Yes, I said it, summer workouts. The NCAA just recently passed a rule that as long as our student-athletes are attending summer school, we are allowed to work them out within an 8 hour limitation per week (2 hours on the basketball floor and the rest designated as you wish, whether it be weights, conditioning, or otherwise). Oh glorious day!

A week after their finals and following some much needed down time our returning and reigning champions came strolling through the Edmunds Center doors with eager anticipation of the workouts that preceded them. With it being the ladies’
first summer where workouts could be “mandatory”, most were in agreement that the opportunity to get better as a unit and as individuals was amongst them. For about three weeks now, the ladies of Stetson women’s basketball have had jam-packed days of strenuous weights and conditioning workouts with our strength coach, Brad Lokey, combined with three 40 minute workouts per week, class on a daily basis where the professors make a semester worth of work into four mere weeks of hustle bustle studying. Like anything else though, our ladies handle it with ease and quite frankly, like champions.

As the first session of summer school classes is quickly coming to a close and the second session is about to begin in just a few short weeks, we will get ready to say “see you soon” to some of our returners and a great big “welcome!” to our incoming freshmen. The Hatters’ will officially have four incoming freshmen on campus for part of the summer and needless to say, “excited” is an understatement around these parts! So long for now, but remember…we may be the 2013 Atlantic Sun Champions, but our work is never done! GO HATS!

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