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Hey Everybody…Meet Assistant Coach Jenna Burkett!

Sometimes in life we are granted opportunities that are beyond our expectations. Far deeper than one can imagine, exceeding any dream that we could fathom up. I have truly been blessed by my experiences in life thus far, but none could match the opportunity and the chance that Head Coach Lynn Bria has afforded me with this past year at Stetson. The people I have met, the relationships I have fostered, and the foundation I have built personally and professionally, I can honestly say, my first year as a Division I Assistant Coach has been a success.

When I was a little girl, basketball was all I knew. Funny thing is…now that I’m a “big” girl, basketball is still all I know. God allows us to fall in love with things, He allows us to venture out and find what our passion is, no matter who tells us it’s not, no matter who tries to cut us down. He allows you to write your own story, a story that can be beautiful if you let it. God has not only afforded me many opportunities, some that I have had significant growth in, some that have indulged trials, many of which were unplanned. You see, I never wanted to coach. It was never something that I thought about; it was never something when someone asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I answered with an astounding, “I want to be a coach.” All I knew is that I loved the game.

After much reflection, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. Over the years, not only is it the passion that drives me every day, but it’s more than just my love of the game. The young women that I impact on a daily basis, the opportunities to have an influence on the lives of people whom I once was, is so powerful. You see, I’ve felt success before. As a senior at Robert Morris University, we won our conference championship and went to the NCAA tournament. As a Director of Basketball Operations at James Madison University we played in two championship games, one of which we won and went to the NCAA tournament. This year at Stetson, as an Assistant Coach, we won our conference tournament in a comeback performance that could go down as one of the best in basketball history and attended the NCAA tournament. But I can promise you this. No matter how many rings I get, no matter how much success or trials I have felt and endured, there will be no greater feeling than watching the five seniors graduate this weekend. There will be no greater feeling than a kid thanking you because you’ve humbly done your job. There will be no greater feeling than simply being known as a Hatter.

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