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Here is none other than…Assistant Coach, Nicole Woods!

Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator, Nicole Woods, shares how dreams can come true…

It’s hard to believe I just finished my 2nd season as an Assistant Coach here at Stetson. Around this time two years ago I was praying that God would allow me to finish my senior research project so that I could graduate from Grad School. God answered my prayer and allowed me to make it through my gruesome Public Administration only to find myself unemployed….

In June 2011, I was in Tampa, Florida for a convention when I received a call from Coach Bria. After our conversation, I got in the car and drove 2 hours in a rain storm over to meet. I was offered the job about two weeks later.

Fast forwarding to now, I have experienced the highs and lows of coaching. I learned that everything I do has an effect on our players. I learned it was more important to gain their respect than for them to like me (of course they love me!)

I never thought I would live some in a place in which I would see palm trees on daily route I work. Here I was a young black woman that came from a broken home and troubled childhood that is able to live her dream against all odds.

I never wanted to coach a day in my life. I thought I was a much better player than I would ever be Coach. A part of me still believes that, but what I do believe is that God gave me something to pass on to my players. I had people that helped shape and mold me into be woman I am today. That being said, if nothing else I WILL be a positive example for my players to look up too. Somebody did it for me so the least I can do is be that for them! I love them all more than they will ever know and want to do whatever I can do to help them be successful.

Speaking of success if you did not know WE ARE THE ATLANTIC SUN CHAMPIONS!!! I have never been so proud of a group more in my life than I am this group. Last season we lost in the Conference Championship game and it was such an awful feeling. After  that game our players and staff went to work to make sure we did not have that same feeling this season. We binded together and fought like never before to win the Championship game. I lost 2 championships as a player so this
was my first. It was the bet feeling ever! I was crazy enough to jump in a freezing cold pool in Macon, Georgia after our win. We have five seniors this year. What a way for the All Time winningest class in Stetson Women’s Basketball history to go out!

Last week the seniors picked out our Championship ring. Sitting down with them was perfect. They already knew what they wanted because they were talking about it way back in he Fall. It just goes to show you can reach whatever goals you set for yourself if you all work together towards a common goal.

I can go on and on but I’m going to end with this:

I love being a Hatter and I know God put me here for a reason. You should come see what all the hype is about because every day is a great day to be a Hatter!

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