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Meet Our Very Own…Cee Cee Burris!

Sophomore Forward, Cherisse Burris, tells all!

Wow! The season is coming to an end already! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was waking up early in the morning for preseason conditioning. People told me that the rest of my years would go by fast after my freshman year of college and I didn’t believe them, but I do now! I thank God every day for giving me the ability to stay healthy and play the game that I love. He’s never steered me wrong and he circled me around a bunch of women that will forever by my sisters. Going to a college so far away from my hometown I needed to feel like it was my home away from home; that’s exactly what I got.

That’s why our goal for our seniors this year is important because we have all worked hard, and together we deserve it. I want to look back after it’s all said and done to be able to say to one another “we did it”. We had a tough loss to FGCU on Saturday at home, snapping our 16-game home court winning streak. It hurts to lose, but it especially hurts to lose at home. We played hard, but hopefully this past Saturday won’t be the last time we play FGCU this year. Luckily, we have two more home games to redeem ourselves and then it is tournament time! Then it’s all or nothing and I plan to give it my all.

In these last few games I have been in kind of a slump. It has been difficult for me because my specialty is finishing around the basket, and the ball just hasn’t been in my favor right now. Since things have not been going the way that I want to offensively and defensively, there’s no doubt that I will be getting in the gym more and watch film of myself. I want to better
myself so that I’m ready and focused like never before to help the team for the remainder of the season. I know what it feels like to come in second, and it’s not just from last year’s loss either. In high school, we went to state three times out of my four years and we ALWAYS came up short. I can’t even express to you how devastating it is to be that close, and then come up short. It just made me realize to never take anything for granted because you never know when that opportunity will ever come again. That’s why I’m determined, for now on, to do whatever it takes for my team. In the end, hopefully the hard work will pay off.

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