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Meet Janelle Mills, otherwise known as “Big Body” : )

Senior Forward, Janelle Mills, gives us a recap on her Stetson experiences leading up to her much anticipated graduation this year…

As the second semester of my senior year approaches, I reflect on how far I’ve come since my freshman year. Three and a half years ago I didn’t have the slightest clue of what to expect or what college basketball truly entailed. I was under the naive impression that my sport and my education were completely separate. My first season here proved how one aspect of my life can effect another. I learned quickly to manage my time, do what I can to reduce my stress, and to never take what I have for granted.

So far we’ve had close to a week of practice to prepare for our game against Lynn on Tuesday. We’ve been focusing on all the little things that sometimes go overlooked when seasons become hectic. I think everyone is aware of the changes that need to be made and are also committed to putting in the necessary work. Like all our other practices, this past week or two has been challenging but we reap the rewards by winning games we worked so hard for.

Tuesday is an especially big game for us because we want to do what we can to impress the kids on Volusia County School Children Day. With that being said, its also one of my favorite home games that I look forward too every year. The environment is like no other in the Edmunds Center as thousands of kids cheer us on. It is also humbling to know that many of these kids choose to look up to us as their role models. Hopefully they have as enjoyable of an experience as we have playing for them.

With this first semester almost complete, I find myself being the leader I never thought I could be on the court and more importantly off the court. Basketball has provided me with the opportunity to prove to myself that I can do whatever I commit too. I’ve learned that confidence goes a long way but a little humility will take you farther. We have a long season ahead of us and I look forward to every game knowing that it will be the last chance we have to make a statement before my fellow seniors and I graduate.

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