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Meet Fifth Year Senior, Shanasa Sanders!

Shanasa Sanders gives insight into just how special transferring to Stetson has been for her, her work ethic and passion to succeed, and her hopes for the season…

I constantly remember in high school when coaches told me I wasn’t good enough, or I was too small to play at a big-time school, my goal was to prove them wrong. Having that drive in me and always being ready to get better every year has made me a better athlete in college.

After playing two seasons at the University of Cincinnati I decided to transfer to Stetson. Before transferring to Stetson not many people had heard of Stetson let alone the little town of DeLand. While sitting out a year, I worked on my game, as well as competed against my teammates.  The year I sat out Stetson won the A-sun Championship. After three seasons I’m sure people have heard of Stetson and how it’s one of the best mid-majors in the country, and how it can compete and even win games against good opponents.

Being a fifth year senior you’re somewhat like a coach – you have that one year where you get to know the plays and what your coach’s expectations are of you. I’m very fortunate for the opportunity to play here at Stetson; it is a great academic school known for its prestigious alumni.

My first year playing was so exciting for me I was ready and willing to work and do whatever it took to win a another championship for the school.  Eventually we fell short in the championship game and that left a bitter taste in my mouth. After that game I went back and reevaluated myself and had to figure out a way I could help the team more. I worked my butt off this past summer to get in the best shape and work on my game. This is my senior year and I want to win another championship and advance in the NCAA tournament.  When it’s all said and done I don’t want to have any regrets about my final year here at Stetson. My hopes for this season are that we continue to get better each game. I can honestly say I’ve
met friends who are my teammates that I can call sisters for life. It’s been a joy to play with them.  We’ve experienced highs and lows but we are ready for the challenge that awaits us this season.

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